Thursday, April 14, 2011

Vapid Waitress- An Unemployment Story

Today we splurged a little and took the kids to lunch. Our 4 year old had been super well behaved during a 2 and a half hour insurance appointment in the morning so we decided he deserved a treat. We went to one of those sushi on a conveyor belt places. It tickles our 4 year old to hunt his food and catch it! Anyhoo, we walked in the door and a young pretty girl greeted us. We'll call her Spacey. Here's the conversation that commenced:

Spacey: How Many? (I'm gonna let that one go as I understand that this is a question she most likely has to ask.)
Me: 2 adults 2 children so 4 altogether (NO. I'm not a smart ass)
Spacey: 3 then? (WTF?!)
Me: Well, 4.
Spacey: **Blink. Blink** Okay. Do you wanna booth?
Me: If you have a booth on the conveyor belt because my son likes to watch the food go by.
Spacey: **Blink. Blink. Blank Stare.**
Me: Ooooooooor we could sit on the regular chairs on the belt line.
Spacey: Okay. (The look on her face was utter confusion)

Spacey then led us over to some chairs on the belt line.

Spacey: Is this gonna be okay?
Me: This is perfect. Thank you. Can I get a high chair for the baby please? (Shut up. I really DO use manners)
Spacey: Do you wanna booster seat?
Me: **Blink. Blink.** (Now I'm doing it) Ummmm, no. I need a high chair for the baaaaaybeeee.
Spacey: Oh.

So here's the deal folks. I really hate bad customer service. I have spent years in customer service fields and have trained classes on customer service. But it doesn't even take all that to know how to treat people when they are your customers. Therefore I get really annoyed when people in customer service fields are complete jack holes or don't understand how important their jobs are to the customers they are serving.

This was also my stance on the situation long before I was unemployed. But with the economy being the mess that it is and so many Americans out looking for a job each day (raises hand) it is even more inexcusable to me that anyone would be less than 100% at their jobs. Specifically when your job is to seat people and get them drinks. They get their own food that this place! So literally the job is smile, count the bodies, move them to a location that fits them, and get them a drink. Dunzo.

Before I lost my job due to bed rest I would constantly remind my employees that when we have bad days at work, we should be grateful for them because it meant we had a job. This recession has been televised. It's been talked about. It's hit people all around us. Not a single person should just be hearing about it. So while I'm sure this girl got the job greatly in part due to her ability to check the "cute" box on the application, I expect more. I expect you to respect not only your customers but the fact that YOU HAVE A JOB. It is a gift. Show up for it and be your best at it. Period.


  1. I am also in customer service and I cannot stand when I get treated as though I am an inconvenience or like I am ruining THEIR day. I am the customer, it is because of people like me that you have a job, please do your job nicely and confidently.

    Is that really too much to ask?

  2. While it's easy to hate the ditz (and I seethe reading the account), the fault is with the establishment, who obvious has cute > competent. I'm a big believer that "cute" should only ever be "icing on the cake." I'll tip well for good service, but I'll tip especially well if there's a good smile thrown in for good measure.

    If the service was horrible, though? It doesn't matter if it was Zooey Deschanel as my waitress.

  3. I hear you, its crazy how awful some places are! It seems more and more complete air heads that are cute are working at places. Obviously a guy hired them. I'm amazed at the places that don't even greet you when you walk in anymore!

    We went to Subway recently and the guy behind the counter was horrible. He didn't greet us and when it was time for my daughter to order, he just rolled his eyes and huffed. In fact he huffed every time someone came in! Hey buddy, be thankful you have a job. I should have told him I lived next door to his boss, which is true. Maybe that would have snapped some customer service back into him!


  4. hey, you could live in my world, a world where my sweet little 3-yr-old, upon me serving him lunch at our dining room table, looks up lovingly at me and says, "Mommy? You know what you are?" (here I am waiting to fill in the blank with something like beautiful, helpful, princess, or maybe even wonderful)... "You are the waitress."
    (ps--I'm thinking, no, at least the waitress gets tips.)

  5. LOl1 Loved this post! I could have written it myself....just not as well. I have missed you my friend!