Saturday, February 12, 2011

Dear Morning, I Hate You.

Dear morning, I hate you. I don't mean this in a funny ha ha way. I mean this in a very literal every sense of the word way.

When morning comes and it's time to wake up, I loathe it. I milk every last minute in bed. I hit snooze over and over doing the math in me head the whole time. You know the math. What time will it be if I snooze again? If I hit snooze again I can skip the shower and just wash my hair. If I hit it one more time I can skip breakfast and just make a cup of coffee. If I hit it once more, I won't get dressed and I'll just wear my pajamas to work- they look like clothes right? Don't laugh. This is literally what I do.

The sad part is that I don't even work right now. I sleep until 9:00am because the one thing my kids listen to me about is sleeping in! Yet I still can't seem to pop out of bed in a good mood. I draaaaaaaaaag myself to the kitchen to make the one cup of coffee a day I can have. It's agony. Thank the Lord Sweet Baby Jesus my husband has come to terms with who I am and he gets up early to take our oldest to school in the morning. The man is a saint. Or he values his life.

Here's the funny thing. I actually like the morning part of the day. The clean still air and the birds chirping. It's a very quiet and calm part of the day. I just hate the 5 minutes where you actually HAVE to drag it out of bed and make the day start.

When you mix this loathing of mornings with my penchant for bouts of insomnia it's just a battle I've come to terms with. I'm never going to like mornings. I'm never going to be a "morning person". And I'm never going to not need coffee to make me pleasant to the world. I've come to terms with it. My husband has come to terms with it. And by the grace of God my children have come to terms with it too. Just thought you should know.


  1. I love mornings when I get enough sleep! Lately, stupid insomnia has been screwing up my world. Tonight, a hot bath, lavender lotion and a glass of red are going to be the magic formula (I hope!)

  2. Good morning. Love the blog and now following from bloggymoms.

  3. The cat picture was so me. I feel the same way...every morning. We don't have kids yet, but my husband has also accepted that anything that needs to be done before 10 am on a non work not going to happen.
    Thanks for your comment!