Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Have you seen my snark?

I used to be funny. I mean, really funny. I'm kinda sad for you that you don't really know just how funny I was. I was your go to girl for a good laugh. I could find a joke in anything. But then 2010 came. And that bitch stole my snark. It crushed my soul and ripped out my funny bone. It laughed at me and mocked my loss. I hate 2010.

But now it's a new year. I am beginning to get back to me. I am starting to feel more like me. But I'm still missing much of the humor that made me who I was. I find myself to be more introspective now. I think about things more than I used to. Thinking things over will crush the onset of snark. Being snarky requires a quick wit. There's no time to think. Thinking ruins it. But here I am.

I think (there I go) that being bed ridden for much of 2010 gave me too much time to learn to think. Ugh. No wonder I avoided it for so long! I sat. I thought. I stewed things over. I processed that my life as well as my baby's life could have been lost. That I could have missed my boys' lives. That I may have missed the chance to get old with my husband. That we might not have ever met this beautiful baby that has brought us so much joy. Yes. I thought and thought. And now I can't stop.

To make matters worse, I am coming across all these amazing blogs full of snarky moms! They write hilarious stories about their kids or their husbands that have me in stitches. My kids do funny stuff. My husband is one of the funniest guys I know. So what's wrong here? What's wrong is that now instead of wanting to turn these funny bits of my life into a snarky blog for all of you to read and love, I stare in awe of my family. I listen to my 4yr old add "with a booty" to the end of every sentance and I melt with grattitude that I am alive and present to hear it. My husband will make some dirty inapropriate joke at just the right time and I just stare at him like I'm the luckiest girl in the world. My 14yr old....well, that's enough fodder to keep me up to my eyeballs in snarky anti-teen blogs for years. But I am just so glad he's my good boy. And the baby. OH THE BABY! He'll take a 12 wiper (parents know what I'm talking about) and I will praise him and thank him. THANK HIM! FOR POOP! But once you've almost lost a baby it's hard not to be grateful- even for poop.

Little by little the snark will return. I promise you, my dear readers, that the Queen will return to her snarky throne. I just need some time to sit and admire my subjects for a while.


  1. Hey, new follower from Bloggymoms... I was just browsing through your blog and I LOVE the cupcake pizzas! Haha, too cute. I just did a post on the menuplan I made for my family's dinners and I've been looking for appatizer-type dinners to do on Fridays, and this would be perfect. Thanks for the idea!

  2. Sometimes you need a moment (or eight) of quiet reflection for a while, to make your snark even better!

  3. *Sigh* You know, my love, after a while we get a bit tired of our own shit too...you know?

    It's because we stop and appreciate the 12 wipers and the humor in our kids and the men that love us that we can find the joy of not taking life too seriously again later: when we're rested, when we're appreciative, when we just 'get it'.

    You're not alone here. There's a fine line between being snarky and being bitter and we've got to tread it carefully. You sound like you're doing just fine...and stop worrying about your readers. We're not going anywhere. ;-)

  4. The snark will come back... I had a scary episode (not being bed ridden) but my children and I were attacked by hundreds of bees and I remember thinking and I can still feel the bone chilling thought that one (my daughter Addison who was so covered you could not see her face) was going to die if not both of them. It took time to see the funny side of our lives but after months of "thinking" and feeling blessed and putting our lives into prospective I started to see the funny side of things again- afterall, that is truly what life is all about. I hope you find it again soon mama. Good Luck, be well and the laughter will come naturally again. I look forward to reading more.

  5. Do you not read your posts? You are so quick witted, and make us all come back for more. I.AM. MINIVAN. Hilarious! There is much more than smark in this world and I think you are at a level many of us wish we could be at. I am a huge fan!

  6. You are hilarious!! You really need to take a minute to read your blog ;) Following you from Bloggy Moms! :)


  7. Hahaha (: I'm a new follower. Found you from Bloggy Moms!


  8. I LOVE your blog. You have so much personality. Awesome!!!

    I'm absolutely following from bloggy moms.


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  10. I just found you, or rather you found me first and I am going through and reading your posts on your blog. You are witty, funny, intelligent, insightful, did I say funny? You have lost nothing, but have gained so much. And lucky us... you share!!! :) You are doing great IMHO...(not that it's worth much)