Thursday, February 17, 2011

Who got an award? This girl!

I want to give a big thank you to The Belly Questions Blog for giving me this award! So sweet and thoughtful. There are rules that go along with receiving the award (because we have to share the love in the blog world!):

1. Thank and link back to the person who awarded you this award.

2. Share 7 things about yourself.

3. Award 15 recently discovered great bloggers.*

4. Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award!

* I just wanna say that it's awesome to get this award and I was excited to turn around and give it back to other mommy bloggers with awesome sites! I have started following so many amazing blogs this past week that it was hard to JUST award the 15! I love you all mommy bloggers!

Seven things about me

1. I have an amazing hubby & 3 beautiful boys! Boring because you already knew that!

2. I have monkey toes. Really. I can actually pick things up with them- which came in handy when I was pregnant!

3. I'm obsessed with blog stats. I can't stop checking them!

4. I have an allergy to water where if I wash my hands too much I get small blisters on the skin between my fingers. Therefore I am a hand sinitizer freak!

5. I have one or two (wink!) OCD tendancies. But I'm comfortable with them. They are cute on me ;0)

6. I am a control freak and have a steady stream of anxiety about things that could go wrong.

7. I believe humor is usually the best way to communicate.

The bloggers I nominate

1) Dysfunctional SuperMom Because her blogs keep me smiling and laughing!
2) Love Heals Gage because she is one of the the strongest women I know and I am grateful that she has chosen to share her son's life and his journey with us.
3) Better Husbands & Fathers because there is a NEED in this world for husbands and fathers to step up and do it right! Eric is helping that call!
4) Sawyer's Heart because this lady took a heart breaking moment in her life and is using it to bring love and inspiration to others.
5) Chasing A Miracle because we were preggo together and her blogs are sweet, inspirational, and funny!
6) The Cre8tive Mom because I think she sneaks into my room at night and sucks the thoughts out of my brain and blogs them! She is hilarious!
7) Muddled Mother because she is real. She's Muddled. She's a mom. She's funny as heck! YES! HECK!
8) Real Houswives in Blogland is the funniest group of moms on the interwebs!
9) Trying Our Best because it's an interactive blog. She likes to ask questions & interact with readers. She's a funny tweeter too!
10)Fond of the Silliness because I likes the silly! I like blogs that make me giggle!
11) EC Writes because she's on a mission to essentially embarass herself for a year through her blogs! I'm all about it!
12) Surviving Motherhood because she's smart enough to have figured out that when your kids do naughty things (see my blog "Naughty Stories") that you take pictures and tell the story!
13) Domestic But Not Martha because she's got a lot goin on! Crafts, give aways, and her own brand of sunshine!
14) Because I Don't Scrapbook because she has cute kids and her button rocks hard.
15) The Girl In The Zebra Pumps because I can't get enough of her son & she gives good button love.

Thanks again!


  1. Thank you sooooo much :)
    You're a doll.

  2. Love you girl! Thanks again!
    There was no rule that the "getter" could not give back to the "givee" so I am passing the Award back to you. Your blog makes me laugh. You are my evil twin.

  3. Woman, let me take a moment to tell you about your awesomeness! I just checked out all of the other blogs on the list. It's absolutely amazing how God makes things happen for a reason. Yesterday I prayed that God would help me find other blogs relating to mothers who have children with birth defects or children that have passed away. My son died 8 years ago, and I've been trying to find other mothers who understand what I went through and how much I miss my son. Many of the blogs on your list were exactly what I've been looking for.

    You're a doll! Thank you sooo much for being an answer to prayer. :)


  4. Elisa - I am so sorry for the loss of your son. If you ever want to connect, please feel free to contact me anytime - did your son die of a birth defect? Sending much love <3

  5. Congrats, I love #7 and so agree! Love a lot of the people you picked. Off to see who the rest are!

    Thanks for following, now following you!


  6. You gave the award to some great blogs! I can't wait to read them all!!!