Monday, June 20, 2011

Queen For A Day

Yesterday was Father's Day. My husband had to work so the kids and I spent the day cleaning, shopping, filling out cards, and wrapping the hand made gifts we had made for our hero- DAD! When my husband got home we presented his favorite meal, he opened cards & gifts, and we played baord games. It was a great Father's Day for my hubby!

But I couldn't help but think of that episode of The Middle where it shows the REAL difference between Mother's Day & Fathher's Day. On Mother's Day mom doesn't get to sleep in (the kids need her), breafast in bed is a sloppy mess (as is the kitchen but don't worry- mom will clean it), the kids still fight, the dog still barks, dad still watches the game. But there's cards and gifts and that makes it Mother's Day.

Father's Day on the other hand is usually a day of relaxation and adoration for the man who heads our house hold. Why does he get this peace & relaxation? Because mom is there to plan Father's Day!

Don't get me wrong. My husband is a shining example of husbandry and works diligently to ensure Mother's Day is better than the average day at our house. But there is a difference between the two days that is noticable. For sure.

Therefore today I told my husband I needed a break. And I took one. My husband always encourages me to take time to myself but I end up filling my days with kids, housework, and all the other things that "can't wait". So really It's my fault that I never get the time I desprately want. Isn't that what we do as moms? Come on. You know you're guilty too! We all talk about wanting a day- just one freakin' day- to ourselves. But do we even know what that day looks like? Here's a few things that would make a nice day for this mom if i were Queen For A Day:

1)I'd only say things once. All day. Not a single repeat.
2) I'd go to the bathroom without a single inturruption. With the door closed!
3) I'd be the first person to eat at dinner and my food would still be warm.
4) I'd go grocery shopping without the kids and it would take a mere fraction of the time!
5) No one would whine at me all day. Not a single teen, toddler, baby, husband or pet. ALL day.
6) I'd get a paycheck for the work I do as a stay at home mom. And it would have lots of zeros on it ;0)
7) I'd sleep a full 8 hours in a bed that is only occupied by myself and my husband and I'd wake up whenever my body felt like it.
8) I'd go to the gym without packing up 4 other people, checking them into child care, and then I'd work out as long as I want- not until my time limit was up in the day care. Then I'd sit in the steam room without looking at my watch.
9) The only crying that would take place would be me- crying as I watch a chick flick of my choice.
10) I'd take a nice walk with my family- and no one's leg would fall off, no one would die of exhaustion, and no one would need a drink of water.
11) The only ass I would be responsible for cleaning would be my own.
12) My teen would kiss me in public and declare his love for me (Okay. That one may just be a pipe dream).
13) I'd go on a date with my husband where we'd have energy to see the late showing of the movie and then still "stay up" when we got home.
14) My car would stay clean on the inside all day.
15) All 3 of the kids would take a two hour nap in the middle of the day so I could sit on the back deck and write.

These are the plain and simple ways this mom would be happy. There's nothing fancy like "Dwayne The Rock Johnson would apply my lotion after my shower" although I'm willing to re-work the list if you think we can work that in. The list is just simple little things I dream of each day. But alas, as a mom I have forfeited these items into the world of parenthood.

I love my life more than words can express. But the life of a mom is a different one. A complicated one. A selfless and exhasting one. And I wouldn't have it any other way. But a girl can dream right? So what's on your list if you were Queen For A Day?


  1. LOL!!! I LOVE THIS!!! I love your list and that would be my exact list too!!! I knew we were destined to be friends for more than just a mutual Twitter addiction!! LOL (ThaDevineMsB)


  2. <3

    I totally get you!

    I would...

    1) Take a LONG bath without Miss 10 months looking at me and playing with the bubbles
    2) Bake & cook to my hearts content without being interrupted or watched by a puppy or baby
    3) Watch a movie without stopping it a thousandbagillion times
    4) Eat the things i have baked and cooked without a) having to share it and b) where they magically have no calories
    5) Have a nanny nap on my terms

    *giggles* but i wouldnt change the way things are for anything ;)

  3. I'm all for special people getting to feel special for a day . . . and you certainly appear to be more-deserving of that.

    My father's day was spent baby wrangling and in a van, entertaining kids, with a stop at a convenience store for lunch. I'm looking forward to the day when the kids can actually comprehend Father's Day.

  4. I love love love your list!

    I totally agree with the paycheck followed by many 00000's!

    If I had my special day, it would have many NO's and it would be noise free! No calling Mama, a gazillion times a day, no barking, no musical instruments, no doorbell, no neighbor kids, no phone, no whining, no yelling, no fighting, no screaming. I could go on but I'll stop here!


  5. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your list. I would take everything on it, minus the teen kissing you and loving on you because I don't have one of those and the gym (that's not how I roll).

    Awesome job!

  6. the sleep one, I like the sleep one!

    I NEED the sleep one!


  7. Ah, to dream! Absolutely love you list!It is so "dead-on" to my daily cravings. I would haev to add a peaceful cup of coffee in the morning. Just let me drink 1 cup before it is ice cold. Great post!