Thursday, March 11, 2010

So how'd I get here? I had been thinking about starting a blog for quite a while. But between raising a 13 year old & a 3 year old (both boys), working more than full time (I heart salary pay), being the perfect wife, and trying desperately to keep up with the amazing friends that keep me sane....when do I find the time? Well be careful what you wish for!
In January my husband and I found out that (much to our surprise) we had actually found time at some point in the weeks prior to concieve our third child. I am high risk when I am pregnant due to a history of personal and family miscarraiges. I joke that we have teflon uteruses in our family. So we raced into the OB and got our orders ASAP. Progesterone Supplements 3 times a day and mom is only to work and then come home and sit for the first tri-mester. Rest, rest, and more rest. The mission is to keep that baby in! We finally got to week 12 and we all exhaled. We even told a few people.
Then it happened. I was at work and I started hemmoraging. A looooooooong trip to the ER and 2 ultra sounds later we found out I have Placenta Previa (placenta attaches on top of the civix instead of the top of the uterus) and there was a clot growing on my placenta (thus the bleeding). Baby is fine- that's the good news! The best news! The not so great news is that the only treatment for this condition is complete, utter, imobilizing, brain melting, butt widening, soul crushing bed rest.
I'll delight you more soon with my thoughts, feelings, and remedies for the busy mom on bed rest. But to answer the question at the top of the story, I now have the time. Lots, and lots, of time. So here I am blog world. In all my bedded glory! Let's see just how entertaining a really busy mind in a not so busy body can be!

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