Sunday, March 20, 2011

My Baby's World

Today my baby did the sweetest thing. My amazing 4 year old drew his world for me. My heart could just explode and I'm holding back tears. This is one of the dearest things he's ever done. And he doesn't even understand how profound a thing he did.

The center of the picture is the Earth. There are several lines leading from the earth to smaller circles. These are the places he loves the most. They are our house, my mom & sister's house, my other sister's house, my dad's house, my mother in law's house, my father in law & his wife's house, his school and his church. HIS CHURCH!

Think about this. He is only 4 years old but he already has a better understanding of what the important things are. More so than most adults. I think we lose sight of our lines and circles over the years. We start tying our lines to things. Our house, our cars, our jobs, etc. but in the end the only things that really matters are God and our family. At 4 years old he gets this.

The Bible says we should believe with a child like heart. I find truth in this today. Maybe it's a little something we all need to do. Take the time to draw the lines and the circles back to what our world really should be.


  1. Well said. My son is in a magnadoodle craze too. Their creativity at this age is inspiring.

  2. So sweet ... and you have the pictures to help you remember on those tough days when you forget! :)

  3. My heart just swelled and a tear formed! So amazing.