Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Cussy McCusserton

I’ve struggled with a dirty mouth my whole life. I blame it on my higher than usual testosterone levels for a girl and my brief affair with a sailor (true story). Since becoming a mom I REALLY try to hold my tongue and be a good girl. But it doesn’t always work. When I lose my temper it just feels good to drop an F bomb or two. Hell. I wrote a whole blog about that dirty little pleasure! I also tend to have a dirty mouth when I’m in pain. If I hurt in any way I’ll cuss. That’s how my loved ones know that I’m in pain. Ironically when the pain gets really bad, I switch to “Stupid” and I pout.

So anyhoo, this past year, since we got hit by the drunk driver last October, I have been dealing with lots of pain. My back, my neck, headaches, and nerve damage to my right arm. Sometimes it’s “stupid” bad and sometimes it’s just “F-bomb” bad. I’ve done massage, physical therapy, chiropractic, pain killers, and cortisone steroid injections to ease the pain. We’re making progress but there’s always some level of pain each day.

Then in Mid-July I was blessed to have rejoined my prior employer and become employed again after 17 months of unemployment! Being that almost 7 months of that was spent on bed rest and 9 months of it had been spent dealing with my injuries from the accident, it’s been a hard adjustment to go back to work. I’m trying to adjust from going from extremely minimal activity & stimulation to 100 MPH each day! I’m exhausted!

The exhaustion paired with the pain has turned me into a Cussy McCusserton! I need to be stopped! Those of you who have followed my blog from the beginning may have noticed a few more cuss words than usual as of late. Oopsie! My bad! I’m really trying to stop!

You know it’s bad when your son- your TEENAGE son- tries to start a cuss jar. My response to that? I’m not fucking paying you when I cuss! Oopsie again! Point taken.

So I’m really trying my dear followers. I’ve never been much of a lady per se. More of a chick. I doubt my dirty mouth will ever be fully clean (Clean it up with Orbit?!) but I need to exercise that whole “there’s a time and a place” thing my mom taught me. Shit. This is gonna be hard.


  1. My personal philosophy is that swearing is good. Like dessert. If you have dessert all of the time, though, it becomes not-special. Same with swearing.

    This doesn't change anything for me . . . except that, like I really, really try to be ultra-aware of when I'm eating something sweet, I try to be ultra-aware of when I swear. As long as I know I'm doing it, it's ok, because I can tell myself that I can "turn it off" if I need to. Whether or not I can actually stop swearing is up for debate, but if I think I always know when I'm swearing, I can tell myself that I don't need to swear. Does that make sense?

    And are those your boobs in X-Ray?

  2. Sucks about the pain from the car accident. My mom recently had to get those cortisone steroid injections for slipped disks & they're only somewhat helping, hopefully they're helping you a lot more.

    I curse ALL the time. Honestly I think my blog is more for cursing than it is writing haha. I dont mind it but you're right, maybe I should tone it down a bit. Maybe.