Saturday, May 8, 2010

In Sickness & Health

I have always appreciated my husband. And to those of you who know him you can clearly see why. There's just no question EVER that I scored a good one! For the past 12 years we have been equal partners in everything. We maintain a balance that has allowed us to appreciate each other's value in our relationship and stave off fights (except that ONE) for 12 years. I cook- he does the dishes. I garden- he mows the lawns. Even when it comes to midnight feedings we share the responsibility (thank you breast pump). We are sure to show love and appreciation everyday. A kiss here, a nuzzle there. We still flirt like teenagers! Much to the dismay of our 14 year old!
So now we find our roles unbalanced for a season while we make our third child. My husband has gone from handling 50% of our life's responsibilities to 120% as he not only has to handle all the day to day that we usually take care of, but now he is the sole breadwinner and has to care for me on top of it! If I need my knitting supplies, my husband gets it. If I need my laundry done, my husband does it. If I want to move from the bed to the couch, my husband moves everything to make me comfortable. And he does so without complaint. He does so out of love and concern. He willingly takes this all on. Just as he promised almost 6 years ago. "In sickness and health". Those words just keep running through my head while I sit and watch him cook in the kitchen, change poopy diapers, vacuum, take care of the dogs (yes we have 3!), run me and the kids to appointments, and cater to my every whim! And for the past 10 weeks he has done this with the burden of his father's unexpected death in January weighing on him. His head and heart are so full but he never wavers.
Yes I always knew I had married an amazing man. But when hard times fall on your family it's incredible to see the love you had for that man- the love you thought couldn't be any greater- grow and grow with each passing day. Each load of laundry. Each breakfast in bed. Each doctor's appointment. Each 15 hour shift to come home to cleaning. Each I love you at bed even when he can barely keep his eyes open. I hope that when and if the tables are ever turned that I can be as good of a wife to him as he has been a husband to me.

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