Friday, May 7, 2010

Why we don't take pictures while pregnant- A note to self

I have always loved being pregnant. What miracle compares to creating life! I have always felt beautiful and like I glowed! I parade my belly around like a medal and yes- I am one of those women who LOVE it when you touch her belly! I love pregnant women. I love baby belly. This is the only time in your life when you celebrate having to buy bigger jeans or that XXL shirt! NO OTHER TIME IN LIFE will you rejoice at not fitting your small clothes! No other time will your doctor tell you you aren't gaining ENOUGH weight. It's a beautiful time in a woman's life!

This pregnancy I only gained 1 lb. the first 18 weeks. In the last few weeks I have finally started gaining a bit and I think I am up to 5-6 lbs. For those of you who have not actually given birth, doctors suggest (based upon you starting weight) that a woman gain on average 25-35 lbs. during the course of their pregnancy. So by all standards I am a bit behind in my gain. My doctor isn't too worried as I am on bed rest and should try to avoid gaining too much weight. And the baby is growing ahead of schedule so he's fit as a fiddle. I should be pleased and proud. And I was. Until.......

Yesterday was my birthday. The husband mad a great dinner of Kalbi steak and Caprice salad. We followed up with delish fruit tart for dessert. Before singing and blowing out the candle, I took pics with the kids. And that's when reality hit. Right there on the digital screen was my head perched atop a big blob of woman! It hit me- although I was not gaining weight, I was loosing muscle and any tone I had! UGH! Aside from that my boobs are the side of my head! I've always been "graced" in the cleavage area, but the fact that my boobs swell up tot he size of my head when I'm prego was something I had apparently blacked out! I mean, in comparison to the size of the belly sticking out, when I look down it's not that bad. But there it all was on film. I would give anything to take a walk, do some pregnancy yoga, lift a few weights. But those aren't ideas I can entertain in my fragile state.

So I will suffer for my art. I will let it all hang out for the sake of this baby. I will love my belly and my body- as different as it may be this time around. BUT- I may avoid cameras for a while :)

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