Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Princess Locked in a Tower

It hit me yesterday as I was watching Shrek with my 3 year old. Being on bed rest is like being a princess locked in a tower just sitting and waiting for the kiss from her one true love to set her free! I am a prisoner of sorts for the next few weeks or months. But once my sweet angel baby is born, I will offer up the first of many, many kisses he will receive in his lifetime- the majority will hopefully come from me! And then in that instant, my days of captivity in my home will be over and I will be free to enjoy my true love!

As the days slowly move by in this journey of motherhood, I am finding ways to see my captivity as a good thing. It's a challenge as any woman who has had to do it will tell you. But I have always claimed myself to be a "glass is half full" type of girl. So it's my duty to myself- the now self proclaimed Princess of Positivity- to find the bright side. To find ways to enjoy the time while I wait for my little prince to offer up that first kiss. THE kiss of all kisses that he won't even remember but is the most precious kiss to any mother. The FIRST kiss. The kiss that will start a lifetime love affair and set his mommy free!

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