Monday, May 3, 2010


It's been a while since my last post. So much has gone on and on top of it my laptop had to be sent out for service. Baaaaaaaad timing! Bed rest has been a challenge. My diagnosis has changed several times as each time my body corrects something, another issue arises. I keep saying my baby maker doesn't want to make babies any more but we are in the middle of making a baby. The current issue is that I have blood pooling in the lining of my uterus which can cause pre-term labor. Being only 22 weeks (5 months) it's waaaaaay too early for my baby boy to make an appearance so I have remained on bed rest with another 3 weeks until my next ultrasound. We will know after that ultrasound what direction our lives are taking. The appointment is May 20th and my job is only being held until May 26th per FMLA.

We have exhausted our savings as I haven't worked in 2 months. It's been crazy trying to get assistance even to cover pre-natal care as we can't afford the $542 insurance premium through my work. No worky... no money! I tell you that middle class is a tough place to be. Even though my husband only works 2 days a week (he stayed home with the kids while I worked) the state figured we weren't poor enough. There were hoops to jump through and a lot of crying on my part but we finally secured pre-natal care for me and insurance for the kids as well as food assistance. Additionally our church has been a huge help! I started helping with a ministry where volunteers knit scarves for the homeless. Gives me something to do and has been a life saver! The mom's group at our church has also started delivering meals a few times a week to relieve my poor exhausted husband of his around the clock care taker schedule. And we will take as much prayer as we can get! It's been amazing the amount of help we have received from friends. Taking the kids out, cleaning the house, shopping for us, and cooking. Wow. They have been truly amazing. Reaffirms why we chose to have them in our lives in the first place. They are all truly amazing people!

Baby is big and healthy and our other 2 kids have been so great! We're learning to navigate our way through this crazy situation! It's not something we could have ever planned for. It's caused me to think and pray for the hundreds of thousands of people across the country that are in similar situations due to health issues, unemployment, etc. It's your life turned upside down regardless of how many bases you thought you had covered. But we have been blessed in many ways. One of those ways is simply having time to mentally process my potential pending unemployment and to attempt to have a plan in place in that event. We'll get through. Somehow.

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